Stripe Reader M2
Stripe Reader M2

Stripe Reader M2

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Stripe Reader M2 is a battery-powered mobile reader for your iOS and Android-based point of sale applications. It supports EMV contactless and chip transactions, mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and swipe payments. Stripe Reader M2 connects to your point of sale application over Bluetooth, and can be used with an optional dock or tablet mount. It is PCI-SCR validated, provides end-to-end encryption, and is point to point encryption (P2PE) ready.
  • Shipping: Stripe Terminal hardware can only be shipped to locations in the continental U.S. and Hawaii.
  • Payment types: Magstripe, Chip (EMV), Contactless (EMV + NFC), Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • SDKs: iOS, Android
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • In the box: Striped Reader M2,  USB-A to USB-C cable (for charging only)
  • Dimensions:  73.5 x 67 x 19.5 mm / 2.89 x 2.63 x 0.76 inch (approx.)
  • Weight: 85g / 2.99oz (approx.)
  • Power supply: Charged via included USB-C to USB-A cable. Rechargeable battery 3.7V, 520mAH
  • Xola Compatibility: iOS Phone: Xola Phone, iOS iPad: Xola Kiosk, Android Phone: Xola Phone, Android Tablet: Xola Kiosk